The Backstory

Me with My Boys

Let’s rewind...

Nombear is actually the second baby focused business that I have started. Way back in 2014 when my oldest son was a toddler I started Baby Uma. That might sound crazy, after all who wants to throw themselves into starting a business when they’re not even sleeping? But I really didn’t want to go back to my old career and so I needed a job. Or a second job that is, since my first job was being a mum of course.

So if you’ve heard of Baby Uma Buggy Clips then hopefully we've helped you to carry a gazillion things on your buggy or pram! My buggy was inevitably always used as a shopping trolley, so it became really important to produce buggy clips that were of THE best quality that could withstand the job! We were thrilled that our first venture won so many awards and was used by hundreds of thousands of parents in the UK, Europe and USA. I no longer have a pushchair of my own, but a smile appears on my face and I feel like I still have a bond with new parents when I see them pounding the pavements every day on the nursery/school run, or simply trying to get some shopping done.

Where did the time go?

Fast forward to what seems like 5 minutes ago, Oscar is about to turn 10 (gulp!) and Harry is now 6 and enjoying Primary School, and much like my boys, Baby Uma is all grown up too. And so I'm onto the next challenge.

With Nombear I'm indulging in creating all the cute & cuddly items I wish I'd had when my boys were smaller. The world of feeding and weaning has changed so much since I went through it. Everything was plastic in garish colours, and sometimes (of course) poor quality. I like what I see now but I can still see so much room for improvement.

Making mealtimes fun

It's actually really enjoyable (along with hard work of course!) - finding products and then working to improve their functions, creating new designs, working with amazing designers, deciding colour palettes and keeping on top of what's new in the weaning baby space – and if I can get to hold a gorgeous baby or two along the way I certainly will!

We think that making mealtimes fun is the secret. And in order to do that, being prepared is half the battle. We're going to use our product design skills (and listening skills because I am still a mum after all) to help babies and toddlers eat in a way that's enjoyable for all.

Safety First

Our expectations are sky high for Nombear, and so are our standards. There's nothing worse than getting a poor quality product and wondering if it's been properly safety tested or could even be a choking hazard. We work closely with two of the world's best known testing houses, SGS and Intertek and ensure we source and test products we would be happy to use with our friends' & family's little ones. We know you'd expect no less.

It always feels good to help someone, right?

We came across Buy1Give1, a global giving organisation. They have a unique way of giving, and we really liked that as a young business we could choose where we can make a difference. We know that babies with full tummies and healthy starts will become happy, strong little humans. That is why we're dedicated to donating a portion of our Nombear profits to B1G1 to provide nutritious meals to malnourished children worldwide. Whenever you purchase a Nombear product, you're not only giving your baby the best start, but helping to create a positive impact in disadvantaged children's lives too. If that doesn't give you a warm fuzzy feeling then I don't know what will :)

We look forward to sharing our journey with you! And if you'd like to get in touch then you know where I am.

Jo, mum to Oscar 10 and Harry 6.